Dignity Volunteer Guard Ready Election 2019 Free Money Politics

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Medan, North Sumatra Volunteer Dignity insists they are not just part of it declared itself supports Jokowi - KH Ma'ruf Amin. Volunteer Dignity North Sumatra province will total win Candidate Presidential / Vice-Presidential Candidate Number 01, although declared a month before the presidential elections 17 April 2019.

It is delivered Tohom Chairman Volunteer Primitive Dignity Center for Jokowi-Ma'Ruf, while giving a briefing on the declaration Volunteer Dignity in Sumatera Utara Jl. Gajah Mada, Medan, on Saturday (03/16/2019).

"Volunteer Dignity in North Sumatra and in other provinces will be intensified to prevent the practice is giving money (money politics) ahead of the voting," said Tohom Purba when contacted on Monday (18/03/2019).

He said, as we approach the time, North Sumatra Dignity Volunteers will strengthen monitoring and ready to coordinate with law enforcement officials and to the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu).

"We are concerned with preventing and overseeing lest there-for money or a dawn raid on the presidential elections. In addition to violating the law, the practice of giving out money very harm democracy, "said Tohom Purba.

Ancient Tohom accompanied by Chairman of the Volunteer Dignity for Jokowi-Ma'Ruf Sumatra, Esra Ginting Manik and Secretary Albert Siagian added, it also called for voters to come to the polling station. He said he participated appealed to the public not to abstention and do not be too afraid to come to the polling stations.

"Volunteers Dignity in this case ready to escort voters at polling stations. This needs to be invoked, because there will be an exodus of employers issue at the polls. We do not want to be intimidated and Dignity Volunteers ready to escort to the success of the democratic party later on 17 April 2019, "said Esra Ginting Manik added.

In addition Tohom said Purba, Volunteer Dignity maximum effort to win Jokowi-Ma'Ruf by inviting friends, neighbors, a collection of clans / religious, and college students are.

"It was not forced, but gave an explanation about what has been done so far and what Jokowi plans with Mr. KH Ma'ruf Amin next five years," he said.

Previously, Tohom Purba disclose the underlying Volunteer Dignity to choose Jokowi-Ma'Ruf because at this time of Jokowi-Ma'Ruf the best. But that does not means it's perfect for a definite human weaknesses.

"That's what the next 5 years we expect a better development in Indonesia. Jokowi and works for 4 years in the first period it was real. Jokowi President destination looks just want to improve the communities and the Homeland. If Jokowi won again, Indonesia would be prosperous, "he concluded. (Red)

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